Photo Correction

We used the adjustments to make the picture on the right more not yellowish on the left. We used the brightness and contrast to change the brightness just a slight bit. Either that or we used auto which gave us a good brightness and constrast. We also used auto again for the curves and we it more blue – ish because yellow is the opposite of blue or vice versa

Lary Video 2

LAry CholeIn this video we learned to make hands do all kinds of things. We learned to disarm the dagger, eye gaze, Lip sync, and triggers. When the thing triggers it can make her wave without even you touching her, but only if it trigggers. We can also change the audio of her voice

Lary Video 1

Black Man.JPGWe learned in the first video is that we can make our own avatar using the camera and making facial expressions with it.We can adjust our eyes, eyebrows, mouth and so much more. We also made a Chole puppet that can move around, waving at us and some what change her hairsytle